Decolonizing Spirituality: Talk to the Water

Water blessing practice


Our planet is mostly water. We are mostly water. Water is Life. Water is a Healer. At least this is the understanding of many Traditional healers and the Elders I’ve sat with. They instruct us to speak to the Water, to ask the Grandmother for Her blessings. 

All we need is a full glass of water. 

A sharing

Hold your glass between your hands, ensuring that the center of your palms have a direct line with the water. I find this brings the glass close to my heart and in perfect position for this practice. Take a couple of deep breaths. Remember your purpose for this prayer and this moment, center and pray.

Pray out loud. Speak to the Water. Thank Her. Thank Her for the peace in your heart. Thank Her for blanketing you in Her love and warmth. Thank Her for your health and well-being, for the abundance you enjoy- even if you are in desperate need.

Pray for what you know you need as if you had it already. Assert this truth without begging, without demanding… just describe the truth you want to live with gratitude, as if these gifts were already here, already true.  

Speak to the Grandmother with descriptions that evoke this truth in your body. Envision these truths not only with mental images, but with the feel of it in your flesh. What does “well-being” taste like? What does “peace” feel like in your muscles? What does “healthy” sound like? Maybe your shoulders relax. Maybe you can breathe easy. Maybe you feel your scalp release. Maybe you feel sexy. There is no wrong way to feel, see how you do. Experience this truth in your body as if the Grandmother needs more than words, as if She needs you to show Her what you mean.water-2176787_1280

And every couple of words, as you pray and feel, blow this prayer into your glass of water. Blow your words into the water. Blow your thanks into the water. Blow your truth into the water. Your breath is life giving, it’s holy. Share your sacred breath with the Grandmother. Feel the experience of joy and peace, of health and vitality and blow it into your water. Feel the energy flowing from your crown to your heart and from your heart out your hands into your glass and filling the Water with this light, this energy, this vibration.

When you feel you are done praying, thank Her again. Gratitude is so important! I like to think of my gratitude as an offering, so I give it in abundance. Then drink your water. The whole glass. Take the Grandmother within you and welcome the mingling of your energies.  

Sit with the Grandmother and allow Her to embrace you. This is work. She will meet us halfway, but we have to be willing…

Experience the Grandmother and the blessings She brings as She enters your body and fills your needs. Feel her Healing as She speaks to each and every cell that makes you, as She informs the microbiome that makes up your physical existence, as She replaces the cells in your body with those of Her own. 

And with gratitude, end your communion and come back to daily living.

If you find your prayers don’t come easy, just feel your prayer and speak words of gratitude. Feel and repeat “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…” and blow that vibration into your water.

I really enjoy song… not that I can sing, but I enjoy it. It helps me remember teachings and medicine songs in particular, are made to pierce some truth in those that listen and are ready to change. You can sing to your water. Sing a blessing song, a calling song, a mantra, recite a poem; you can even hum to your water! Some traditions do healing circles in which they encourage the seeker to allow a song to come up through them… you can allow song to come through you, or you can just make sounds … but always invoke the feeling. And remember to blow it all into the Water.child-3610637_1280

If you find you cannot feel this new reality, pretend you do! This work needs more than the rational mind we use for mundane tasks, use your imagination. To children a mud pie is a pie, and they happily serve it on a plate; there really is something under the bed until someone checks, and the ground really is hot lava and you gotta jump on the furniture or vaporize. The rational mind is limited to the experience of the meat. Pretending requires imagination, and imagination is what builds our reality.

So make sure to practice this often. Our connection to Spirit is guaranteed, what is not is our skill. We all have to work our own healing. The more you do, the better it flows. This is how we all grow and learn!

And keep in mind that we truly are children when calling on these awesome Powers of Creation.

Make it YOURS

This ritual can be made as simple or as elaborate as desired. However, I suggest starting with more mindfulness; especially if we practice sporadically or don’t really put much time into personal work. (No judgement. We’ve all been there.)

Spiritual practice is called such because it’s an activity. When we practice something, our skills improve. Once we become skillful in this practice it can be done anywhere and at any time. You can be on the go, between meetings, errands, breaks. You can do this in the morning, blessing your day before it begins. You can do this at night, before going to bed. You can do this after an argument, hurt feelings, when sad or or when little ones wake up from scary dreams. And you can make a great ceremony out of this, too. Smudging the space, presenting the water to the directions, praying with tobacco and blowing the smoke on the water… maybe as a family ceremony, a gathering, a Sisterhood circle or in celebration of some personal event.

The Water can be shared with those you love: family, pets, plants. You can pour this blessing into a local river or the beach, and bless your local bodies of water. You can offer this blessing by libation to your helping Spirits and your Ancestors, to the Land, to the Planet, to the Spirits of the Place you live in. You can use this water to bless your house, to bathe the sick or water your garden and bless the food you grow for yourself and the pollinators who work with you. We are limited only by our imaginations.

Besides, this is a blessing, and you can’t mess up a blessing.


(c) A.Nanu Pagan, April 2020

Suggested reading/viewing: – Speaking to the Water, a teaching -A south Asian teaching on water and vibration -Late scientist Mae-Wan Ho, discovered organisms are crystalline liquid, quantum coherent water…

Masaru Emoto’s Grand Invocation is a beautiful prayer for the Water.

There are all kinds of beautiful and fun songs on youtube  -Masaru emoto’s Grand Invocation/Water Blessing Song – Agua de Estrellas, a song I learned in ceremony – I had the honor of knowing one of the singers, but didn’t know she was part of this until i saw her on one of the videos! B A series of meditative chants that just send me away! – A Water Song 

If you are skeptical like I am, here are some really interesting scientific articles. Do your own research… – Emergence of a Signal from Background Noise in the “Memory of Water” Experiments: How to Explain It? – The biophysical basis of Benveniste experiments: Entropy, structure, and information in water – New Approach Controlling Cancer: Water Memory

Beauvais, F 2013, ‘Description of Benveniste’s experiments using quantum-like probabilities’, Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 43–71

Dunning-Davies, J, ‘Structure and memory in water’,, Jan 2011, accessed March 24, 2020 – Oleksuik, E S & Sheykina, N V, ‘Does water memory exist? Dead water and water of life’, National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine. Accessed online March 24, 2020 – Homeopathy as A Misnomer for Activation of the Alternative Cellular Energy Pathway: Evidence for the Therapeutic Benefits of Enercel® in a Diverse Range of Clinical Illnesses  -DNA & Water Memory: Comments on Montagnier Group’s Recent Findings -Diverse biological effects of electromagnetic-treated water – Mae-Wan Ho, “Quantum coherent water, non-thermal EMF effects and homeopathy”, July 27, 2011, Accessed March 24, 2020 – Stagnaro, S, 2011, ‘Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics evidences of WaterMemory-Information by means of Music Energizing Action: Caramel’s experiment‘, Accessed March 24, 2020


Author: Nanu

A Taino woman of a certain age, exploring decolonization from the perspective of the First People to meet, and survive, Western invaders and Manifest Destiny. What I share is true to me. I encourage everyone to research to THEIR OWN satisfaction.

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  1. What a “coincidence”… I just wrote a blog about how to talk to plants a few minutes ago! I’ve been enjoying your blog for years. Thank you for this beautiful post. I’ll link to it on my own blog 🙂

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