If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything, is ready, we shall never begin.
– Ivan Turgenev

“We will have kids when we have a house.”

“I’ll go for the better job when I take a course.”

“I’ll take a vacation when I get promoted.”

“I’ll buy the pretty outfit when I lose weight.”

I think we have all heard people speak of their dreams as something dependent of the circumstances surrounding them and, truth be told, we can probably list a few wishes of our own that are stuck in the myre of “I will…when”.

While it’s true that we have responsibilities that need to be filled- bills need to be paid and families need to be tended to- much of our free time is frittered away on trivial pursuits.  We fill our days with  senseless television shows, numb ourselves to the world with a variety of addictions and focus our time and energy on things that we may need to let go.  Rarely do we sit down and reflect on our lives; make the attempt to discover what matters to us, what our dreams may be and how to get on with filling them.  Our most valuable resource- our very life- is squandered, while our dreams rot away on the back burner.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The only thing in life that you can be absolutely sure of is that things will change.  The best part of it is that we have the opportunity to be aware of what our choices are and participate in these changes by making conscious choices.  Do you remember the golden rule of childhood?  He who owns the ball, makes the rules.  This is as true today as it was then.  Your life belongs to you, how do you want to play it?


I wrote this for a Life Coaching website I recently created.  It made me think about the steps I have been taking towards setting up this business and all the details that I have to be aware of.  I don’t ever feel ready for anything, but it seems to me that the moment life is ready, BOOM, things happen; and they happen almost effortlessly.

Take my business website as an example…

It had been about 4 months since I had made up an email address for this business venture and had looked around websites for business card options.  I was getting excited at the prospect of Life Coaching and being in business for myself.  Especially since this is an industry where I would be of service which fills a driving need in me.  In my web surfing, I found a place that offered free business cards as well as other printing services.  I made an account and played around with their “toys”.  I created business cards and brochures, pens and thank you cards, but I never sent for anything, it was all just fantasy.   However, just last week,  as I was doing my occasional addy check-in (to avoid losing the email account) I saw a message that caught my eye; it said FREE!

{Ok, so, ALL the emails I had were from this particular place of business and yes, most of them said free, but let me get back to my story!!}

I visited the website and found that the products I had saved had expired and been deleted.  Well, ants and beavers have their whole homes deleted and instead of griping about it, they just rebuild.  Following this excellent example, I got hard to work at having fun and started making cards and stuff again.  The offer was on 250 premium cards, which not only let me use my choice of image, but also let me design my card vertically, as well as allow me to write in Spanish by using the proper language characters.  I was psyched!  I was playing around with the wording and the colors and just had a blast with it!  So much so, I got a little carried away.

The cards were gorgeous.  Beautiful yellow candles flickering on a cinnamon background.  The name of my would-be business in off-white,  Comic Sans font- italicized.  My name, my number, even my would-be business email address was on there, with “Se habla Español” prominently displayed.  This in of itself wasn’t too bad.  I am, after all, planning on setting up camp  as a  Life Coach.  Where I kinda lost my head was when I included a website address that existed only in my dreams.  I loved it, I wanted it- I sent for it.

Two seconds later, panic set in.

I am not internet savvy at all; it took me forever to get a personal blog and find a home for my words, the thought of setting up a web site for this was just a little more than overwhelming.  As I sat on my couch, laptop in hand I felt the panic creeping up and down my spine.  I could hardly feel my toes…

I surfed the net and re-visited my blog, this one you are reading right now.  In reading the services WordPress offers,  I learned about domains, what domain mapping is and how the domain needs to be registered.  I read a little here and googled a little there and learned myself some interesting stuff.  All these things can exist separate from one another.  In the end, I made my website on WordPress as a blog, just so I have a place on the internet that the domain can be mapped to and in the process found out even more great stuff-mainly  that (God bless you WordPress!!) they offer domain registration and mapping all right here.  Now I just had to find out if the domain was open for purchase.  There was a moment or two of incredibly deep anxiety but I found that the domain was available.  I signed up and now my business cards have a website address that is now, not only valid, but actually belongs to me.

Funny thing is that the easiest solution- cancelling the business card order and reordering without a website address- just didn’t seem to be an option.

So that old saying “Jump and the net will appear” was true for me.  It all happened rather quickly and it all fell into it’s rightful place- thank goodness.  To me these miracles are all reasurances that I’m getting the “big thumbs up” from Spirit.  And that feels good.

Author: Nanu

A Taino woman of a certain age, exploring decolonization from the perspective of the First People to meet, and survive, Western invaders and Manifest Destiny. What I share is true to me. I encourage everyone to research to THEIR OWN satisfaction.

6 thoughts on “Change”

  1. Well, let me see………. yep, true to form, you will always succeed, it is a major goal of your Udha!

  2. i REALLY miss you. and dancing horse. how are you. are there any inipi soon? I miss that too. call me. I have been thinking about you allot lately.

  3. Heidi, Samurai~ Thanks for the comments and for stopping by!

    Heidi- you are always so encouraging, thank you.

    Samurai-Will let you know about the next lodge, fer shur.

  4. Awesome! This is what we’re always talking about, put the energy out there, be true to self and spirit, things will happen as they should. So, when do we get to see these business cards?

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