Our recent move has put most of our family’s art projects on  hold.  Many of our materials are still packed away in boxes and stored in closets and under the couch.  The move from a larger space to a smaller one has necessitated a rearrangement of priorities and a reinvention of defined storage solutions.  Although we would have liked to make this new place like our old one, where the living room was morphed into the art studio, and the adjoining dinning area became the living room, the layout of our new place doesn’t allow for it.  Instead, we have phased out the dinning nook into the art studio and the living room is open to company, sleepovers and movie watching.  Due to the size of the art studio, it’s basically set up for painting and the materials for other art and crafts are tucked away.

My partner, who is the best artist in the world, has taken to painting more often than he used to in our old place and has produced, in the last 1 1/2 months we’ve lived here, two completed paintings and one he is working on presently.  I am very proud of him and wish him the most in his artistic/creative endeavors.

Because I have no clue where my beads and beading materials are, my beadwork projects have come to an abrupt stop.  A really sad happening, considering that I was halfway through my regalia shirt and Autumn is prime powwow time here in Florida.  Hopefully I will find the stuff sometime soon 🙂


3/18/09  Here is my beadwork…

It was still mounted on the loom but mostly done :)
It was still mounted on the loom but mostly done 🙂

The above was one of two designs that are to adorn the front of my shirt.  For the back, I borrowed my mom’s loom-  she’s got this awesome adjustable loom she made out of wooden dowels and eyelet screws that is a loom beader’s dream- and have been working a design along the lines of the above cemi, for the back of the shirt.  My brother got so excited in seeing the work I was producing that he shared, not only some great ideas, but some hard earned wisdom.  “Nanu” he said, “don’t fill the back with a completly beaded image.  You may not be able to wear it long.  Remember, the beads can become heavy”.

I had to laugh because he went on to share his own experience with an overly beaded jean jacket he made several years ago.

Although the materials I use for creation are hidden here and there, the creative spirit will not be denied.  I did find a beautifully empty artist’s journal as well as some crayons and markers, which were promply requested by, and given to,  my child to work on.  Needless to say, these were received with overwhelming joy and have been used quite extensively since.  Although this sharing filled my heart with joy, it did nothing for my own need of creative expression.  Until I met L.

I work as a Home Heath Aide and this allows me to share with older folks with all sorts of experience and backgrounds and much to share.  I noticed that many of my clients had worked at one time or another in embroidery and crochet, two of my favorite crafts.  Being that the materials for these need little room for storage (I usually keep it in tote bags, on hangers in the closet) I knew where my needles and thread were. 🙂

So, now I am learning some embroidery stitches under the guidance of several elderly folks who appreciate the attention as well as the opportunity to share their knowledge to someone eager to learn.


I haven’t made these in a while but here are some samples of my ATC work….

ATC Workshop Book

Here are my attempts at Intuitive Watercolors, the first technique in the book.

Watercolor on Baby Wipes

Painted Paper towel backgrounds

Altered Books

Here is one AB I made.  It was altered by drawing with Sharpie pens and colored pencils.

16 thoughts on “Art”

  1. I’m in this group too and will upload as soon as I learn how to! Bit slow on the digital front!
    Just wanted to say that I love your stuff and the song is lovely. Thank you

  2. hello hello
    nice blog, nanu!
    made me discover a whole new side of you.
    there are atc’s i’ve seen, some new ones, i can only guess he time line, but i can tell you have grown as an artist. some great ideas in there…. very inspiring. thought about going to larger art? i think you’d soar.
    i’ll be back if you dont mind want to read more on those links, among other things.
    hope papillon and imiza and the kats are doing fine.
    is your mom a little better?
    lise xx

  3. Papi, Miz, Mom and the kitties are doing well, thanks. Papi says hi.

    Thanks for the compliment…I would love to have you back, Lise! Come as often as you’d like. Drop me a line and let me know what you think when you are done reading 🙂

    I have thought of going big but have yet to give it a try. Will let you know how it goes, when it happens….

    Big hugs to you, too!

  4. Wow,
    I am in love with your work!! the first slide show you have is full of amazing work, and your crowes and zetti dogs are awesome. I am in both of these swaps as well, and hope I get some of yours in the swap


  5. Nanu – great site!! I love the zetti dogs also!! Who is the author of the ATC Workshop Book – I like the techniques you showed in your cards! Great to hear from you again.

  6. LOL! I can’t draw a straight line!!! Thank God there are few, if any, straight lines in nature…

    Just pick up a pencil and go!!

    Thanks for the visit and the kind words…

  7. Nanu-
    I came to your site by way of the inch art group. I’m really new to the atc thing. Your blog just blows me away!!! Your art is wonderful, I’ve got to bake for a friend & I can’t pull away from your site. I will be back! Also I was interested in the atc book group you’re doing.
    Peace be with you
    columbus ohio

  8. Nanu, thanks so much for letting othes see the inspiration that is in store for them when they visit your site. You have such talent. I hope to achieve a lot thur this group.

  9. I love your work, you have a wonderful eye for color. I’m also going through the Artist Trading Card Workshop book and I’d love to see what others are doing with those techniques. Could you let me know the specifics about the new group? Thanks so much!

  10. Hi Nanu

    As instructed I am letting you know I was here and that I enjoyed very much. In fact, I finally got the flash player into my web browser just so I could look at your art. Glad I did.

  11. Thanks for sharing your site with the Oddarts group. Your site is fabulous. I love the flute music. I’ll come back and visit when I have more time to take in the beauty of your art and your writing.

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