Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Land Seizure

By Dave Bertrand
News That Matters
December 20th, 2009

Brandon Sazue is a young tribal council leader of the small Native American nation in South Dakota. He has taken a stand to protect 20% of land seized by the IRS in an unprecedented manner to usurp their right to land (supposedly) protected by treaties.

Can it happen to other Americans? Is this the beginning of absolute tyranny for all?

Mistakes were made to protect the land under a “Land Trust” and Brandon explains in video links/info below. But for now, what is important to note….

His people are sick and cold….(Note: I have verified this with Brandon)

The electric company has continued (since January 2009) to pull electric meters of his people for as little as $20 short of one payment (During Winter). The county is the “poorest in the country” and the electric rates are the highest!!

A mobile home electric bill on the reservation averages ~$245/mo. The average income is $5,000/yr. They are experiencing an 80% unemployment rate.

While thousands (and millions) of tax dollars are being handed-over to various tribal leaders in AFGHANISTAN, the American Native Indian is in peril. They’re hungry and need clothes, but more importantly…they need OUR help to get through the winter.

We encourage you to drop a few bucks, if not a $20 bill into the mail today. Mainstream media needs to contact Brandon and expose this outrageous violation of human rights in America. The tribal lands he’s protecting have burial sites of his ancestors.

Yes…it was his ancestors that stopped General Custer when Union soldiers were sent west to round-up the American indians while the lust for gold and buffalo skin was the fever in the mid-1800’s. We’re coming full circle…

If the Crow Nation falls…we all fall.

Send something today and be blessed.

Brandon Sazue
Crow Creek Tribal Council
P.O. Box 50
Ft. Thompson, SD 57339

Media Contact Information for Brandon

Office: 605.245.2221

Cell:     605.730.0378

Crow Creek Sioux Tribe

The Crow Creek Sioux Tribe is part of the Great Sioux Nation which retains our land base in accordance with Treaties in the mid 1800’s which identified lands in eastern South Dakota and Minnesota. The Treaty of 1863 established the original land base along the Missouri River. The reservation was increased in size in the 1889 Act referred to as the Great Sioux Settlement. At one time The Great Sioux Nation extended from the Big Horn Mountains in the west to the east side of Minnesota. Canada is the northern boundary and the Platte River in the southern boundary. The eastern land holdings of the Dakota and Nakota were subsequently reduced by Homestead Acts, other Congressional action, and the courts. The Great Sioux Nation total land ownership was further reduced in the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty to the east side of the Missouri River and parts of North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana. This includes all of western South Dakota in the middle of the treaty lands. Crow Creek retained land on the east side of the Missouri River. The present day tribal lands are about one half of the original reservation due to Homestead Acts allowing white settlers to locate within the reservation boundaries.

(The Power Hour)
Live from Crow Creek Dec.13, 2009 — Protesting IRS sell off of land…they need your help!
* Crow Creek residents continue to suffer — video on conditions at the Crow Creek reservation.
* But they are also working to revitalize the community – Project Can-do
* Some history of the Crow Creek Tribe

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