My spirit hungers for the kind of interaction that will lead to growth,  the exchange of  ideas that force one to think, to consider different perspectives and allow for different possibilities. There are certain areas of my life in which I don’t want to live superficially anymore.

This makes paradox a comfortable friend. 

I’m aware that I can write very formally, and it can have an authoritative and final tone, a tone of “this is the last word”. Please overlook this as we are limited by the constraints of written language. 

Truth is, there is no last word.  I can have a belief which I will defend with all my might, and as attached as I may be to it at that moment,  it is always subject to change. Life is not static and like life,  my thoughts and ideas will flow.  Much of what I believed in as a child, I no longer believe in today. And those beliefs which remain have been modified according to growth, study or experience. Truth be told, I hope to remain growing and learning until I die.

My point in sharing is not to convince anyone to change their mind, but to suspend disbelief for a moment in time and see that the fork on the road doesn’t just split in two, but has infinite potential. By sharing this with others, we all have a hand in healing our personal bloodlines and open our hearts to the healing of others. Together we can take back the reigns of the development of our own culture. 

We become like Spirit, limitless!

A.Nanu Pagan

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@TainoWoman 2020