I am 40-ish, vivacious, loving, honest, willing and able to learn, open minded and stubborn.  I am on a path of learning and growth, of laughing and loving, of honesty and hard knocks.  I make mistakes and try to learn from them; sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t, but I do make the honest effort.

My ancestry is ethnically diverse, but I claim my indigenous American, Taino roots of which I am happy to have grown up being aware of and continue to learn about daily.


There is much to be said about mental genocide…

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I’m passionate about my people -past, present and future- and take an active part in the development and growth of our society as often as I can.  I share what I learn freely, with anyone willing to listen, in the hopes that my thoughts and experiences can help others on the same road.

I love reading and lead a creative life.  Although my interests are quite varied, painting, writing, crochet, collage and altered art are my top 5 favorites. Check out my Art page and see some samples, as well as what I’m working on currently.